Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rundu, Namibia

Mwachili!! (Hi and how are you in Lucazi ....just ONE of the languages they speak here!)

Tunasansala (thank you) for all your prayers and comments! You have no idea how encouraging and uplifting they are! God has been amazing. Things are so imperfect here and broken, but He is sure and able and so powerful. It is not easy to remember these things every moment. But times like Zacha and Anita's wedding....such a testimony to what God can do. We just went to the flag raising ceremony this last sunday and this saturday is the wedding. Proof that God can work miracles in the lives of these peoples. They do not know God and love is not the true love here. I am certain God will use us as we depend on Him to speak through us to these women we've come to work with. They are so excited about the Sports program. We believe we are going to teach about the Women of Faith in the Bible during our teaching time. Everything revolves around men here so this is something they've never heard. Please pray as we are preparing for this Monday, the first day of the first camp! We are so blessed to be chosen to share His love with these girls! And that the Lord is working in my heart in so many ways! Verses the Lord has been using in my heart ...Ps147:2-5, 145:13-20,144:1-2 and of course "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!"

Thank you all for your prayers, please keep them coming. Thank you Kathy for all your mentoring before now and forever! The cards are so encouraging! I love you all!


  1. It sounds wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Praying that God will use you and your team in a mighty way and that He will give you the words to speak to them. Praying for the girls and for God to open their hearts to hear His word. I love your verses...He truly does heal the broken hearted. All of the verses are so appropriate, it is always amazing how God has the perfect verses for every situation in our lives. Love you and miss you tons!
    Your favorite sister :)

  2. Oh! That is my favorite verse!!! No one is greater than He that is in you!!! or me!!! Awesome! I love the verses you posted! God IS the healer of ALL! He can do so much through you all and anyone willing to be a vessel for Him. I'm so proud of you sharing God's love to those who need it. God is going to do amazing things in the next weeks. I'm praying for you all. I know God will work some mighty miracles in those young ladies' hearts! He can show them just how special they really are! Just continue to shower them with His Love! I love you and miss you!!! <3 xxxooooo

  3. ummmm....the comment mom...I was at Toni baloney's...sharing love with my youngin's...while she was at the Chef Homeschool Conference. Evidently she wasn't signed out and I just thought I was at home,:) know me :D. Oh well. But hey, I got to talk to YOU!!! That was an awesome treat! What a neat chance I got to peer into the culture of those who don't know my best Friend, and wonderful Father. I know your heart is breaking for those around you,... GOOD!..even though it hurts, Because, that's what it takes. Someone, who is empathetic, and one who really cares, not someone who just has fancy words. Just let God love them through you using the Holy Spirit to guide you! Not only are you and those around you going to be changed, but it continues to filter on down to us also. Thank you! :) Love you, baby... praying for you all!!!

  4. Hi Stephani, as always this comes with love and prayers!! I am excited everytime I read a blog, the Lord has so much in store for you girls and the love and teaching you will be sharing with them. I am continuting to pray daily for you all!! take care , Kathy

  5. Stephani, just a little note for you all, to let you all know we are all praying continually for all of you. I know the poverty is great over there, and the situations with their culture may seem hopeless in their eyes, but our Lord is magnificent! And He can do so many things that is out of our reach, and out of our comprehension. The wedding is an example of one of those things. If you all make an impact on just one person, then it's all worth it!!! :) It's just the beginning, because the seed has been planted, and soon it will grow. Through you all, these young ladies will soon see they are special in God's eyes. Keep those tender hearts! I love you and am continually praying for you all! <3 John 16:13