Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Sports Camp at Sarasungu School - Week 1

The volleyballs are flying and laughter is in the air!! :)

We have started our first week of camp at Sarasungu school in Kaisosi! The girls are awesome! We said we could take no more than 50 and they asked for a 100, so we went to 75. God knows and gave us 45!! A perfect amount for us to be able to develope relationships with! My group of girls are ..... Lydia, Maria, Berta, Filime, Patrina, Julia, Hilda, Hedwig, Helena, and Regina. They are wonderful girls! We practice vball skills with them and then have our small group time with our same girls. Our whole schedule is : prayers, stretching, vball skills, fun game, bible time, lesson time, and small group time. We have a short amount of time to fit it all in between school and when it gets dark. Its very dangerous for these girls to walk home in the dark and some have an hour to walk. So please pray that their hearts will be open to the Lord and us, that the Holy Spirit will talk through us during the entire time, and these girls safety as they walk home each night. We went over the gospel message on monday, then we began Esther on Tuesday. They girls seem to enjoy the story! My girls have opened up and shared examples in their own lives that they would need some of the characteristics of Esther. We've talked about depending on God for strength and knowing we each have a "for such a time as this" in our lives. Please pray that this is real to them! I will never forget these girls! They are lovely and I see God's hands on their lives. I hope and pray that they will be able to see the same. I hope that they will open up to me and that I can pray with them and share His love with them through our relationship with each one of them.

Thank you all for your prayers! I can already see the Lord has answered some of mine and yours by softening their hearts before we ever got here. I see He is in His process of raising up some awesome leaders for the other girls around them! I can't wait to tell you all more of our Father's amazingness!!! He is so powerful! So loving! So merciful! So ALL we need!!!

Please pray for Stacey, she is having some tummy issues. We don't know what it is, but please pray for healing. It's very hard to lead a team, play vball in the heat when you feel sick and there is no bathroom beside the "bush" around. I know she's feeling pretty weak so your prayers would be very appreciated!

I love you all and am praying for you too!


  1. Stephani, tears are pouring down as I'm praying for each of the girls in your group, your team and the rest of the girls you are working with. I'm praying that God will work through each of you and give you the words to reach each girl's heart. Love you and so glad that you are able to serve God in this way! The girls and Matt send their love too. Tia has already started making welcome home gifts.

  2. Awesome,awesome, awesome!!! Isn't He??!! I'm so glad He takes care of everything ahead of time for us! I knew they would enjoy it! I know God will continue to work in their lives, as well as through you all. We will continue to pray for you all, especially for Stacy! Tummy stuff is no fun!! :( Love you much and miss you, but ever so glad you have this great opportunity to serve our Wonderful God and Father!!

  3. Hi Stephani, I am like Tashi, hard to write with tears flowing down your face!! As always this come with lots of love and lots and lots of prayers..I have been praying especially that the Lord would keep you safe and you would not suffer any migraines while there. Will pray for your girls saftety as they travel home and the wooing of the Holy Spirit in their lives. You are always in my heart and prayers everyday!! Will pray for Stacy and hope this problem will pass quickly. Love you and miss you, Kathy

  4. He knows just what everyone needs!! It's so exciting to hear how God's plans unfold little by little and day by day! I will definitely pray for their hearts to continue to soften and for their safety as well as all of you girls--and Stacey especially for her tummy! Oh, Faith keeps asking about you! So do the others, but Faith will ask me again in 30 seconds!! I tell them God is using you in Africa! What a privalege!!!!! I love you!!!!!

  5. Stephani,
    Praying for you all. Love Ya!!!!!!!