Friday, July 23, 2010

His Steadfast Love

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever" Ps 138:8

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. Now I have too much to write about to post it in a blog. Not to mention we leave tomorrow morning and I have little time on my hands. So I am sorry for what is going to be such a short post. I hope this all blesses and encourages you in the Lord.

First, the last week of camp went amazingly well! I just absolutely love those girls. My eyes are still be opened to so many things. I think I'me finally ok with something and beginning to understand things and then.....I'm so aware oh how much I do not understand. Thankfully I can ask our Almighty God for the peace that PASSES understanding. I ask special prayer for Fillemon who has touched my heart especially. I believe that God will fulfill His purpose in her too. Alnay, Dofilia, Frigdaline, Amanda, Catrina, and Sarah are all girls we ask that God would continue to work His love and power in their lives.

Jenna and I also took little Mavinge with a bad burn on her leg to the clinic with her father. We were very glad her father agreed to come with us. It was infected and he was to take her to the clinic daily for dressings. We found out he did at least once. Luckily I think she may be taking the medicine and it is looking much better. Mavinge said no one took her more because her mom was too busy selling alcohol and her dad was drunk. Please pray for the apathy of these people and that God would overcome the darkness that is around and His love would burn in these people.

Monday we went to the 3 schools the girls came from with Hedwig who showed us how to get to the schools! We planned to have a good-bye hang-out time on Thursday with the girls that showed up. Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was hard to say good-bye, but we enjoyed our last time with these girs.

Tuesday we went to the hospital. Ndara is still there. It turns out he has sickle-cell anemia. Please pray for healing and that He will know the healing love of Jesus more than anything. He was sitting up that time, but still cannot stand or walk. He has such a sweet spirit. He colored me a picture of the Namibian flag and a chicken! I loved them! I did get to meet his mom! She was nice but her english wasn't even as good as Ndara's. I'm so glad he has a mom though!

Wednesday we went Sarasung and said good-byes there. These were very difficult. We have become very close to these girls. They have touched our hearts deeply. I gave Fillimon a letter to accompany her book of Letters from God(the Bible we gave them)! She gave me the biggest hug! I will never forget these girls, they will always hold a great place in my heart.

Thursday we had those good-byes at Sarasungu and cleaned a LOT!! :) It seems so surreal to be getting ready to leave. But I am very thankful for the time I will get with my team-mates during traveling to debrief and reflect together. I think God knew we would need this time to let His peace fill us. is very hard to leave. But as we pray for peace we are reminded that we are leaving these girls, these people, this nation in the best hands of all, our Almighty God! His STEADFAST love will ENDURE FOREVER!! We will be taking them in our hearts and in every prayer. I pray and plead that God will send more people here, that He would press one someone's heart to come and to minister and let God use them as instrument of righteousness. Please join me in prayer for this. God is so much much powerful than the strongholds of Satan here....He will feed the hungry as they cry to Him. I pray they will cry out for Him. I pray that the witch doctors and traditonal healers will be overcome by the glory and power of our Almighty Father! I pray that God will pour Himself on these people and heal their relationships. I pray for the Long-term team here, that Satan will have no hold on them. I pray that God would strengthen them and shine through them. And I trust the Lord will complete the good work He has started! He HAS victory.

Thank you all for your prayers and your aid in this wonderful work of the Lord. You may never know the fullness of this trip. But God is stregthening my faith in Him and His steadfast love for all! Thank you for bearing with me through this amazing journey that does not end here.

In Christ's Mighty power and love,


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  1. Stephani, awesome! what can I say?! You have learned so much on this trip and journey (because they were both, you know). Again, I have tears, because I am so proud of you, and all the girls. So many things you all have encountered and learned. Tried and tested, listened, and changed, heeded to the Holy Spirit. You all have grown so much! You have grown and learned to depend even more on the Lord. You have bonded and depended on each other. You have lived Christ to the people around you, the native born, and the missionaries, the ones in the hospital, and all others. You'll never know what an impact you have made on those around you. And you'll probably never know WHO you were even there for. Ummmmm...EVERYONE!!<3 <3 I love you, baby! and will continue to pray for you all! Continue to live Christ to the people as you travel the rest of the way, as I know you all will. Have fun! :) <3 <3